Kid Cudi: Urban Legend

In celebration of Mr. Solo Dolo's birthday.

It’s been nearly a decade since Scott Mescudi released his debut mixtape, A Kid Named Cudi, under the abbreviated nom de guerre, Kid Cudi.

Six solo albums, four Grammy nominations, and 11 notches on the Hot 100 later, the success of Cudder’s career can be measured by more than these industry standard statistics. His painfully vulnerable, yet relatable lyrics have established a special bond between his fans and the music. Many of his listeners, including comedian Pete Davidson and rapper Kyle, are outspoken about how the Lonely Stoner played a role in helping navigate their personal struggles.

Partof what makes Cudi such a legendary artist is the way with which his catalog transcends genres by infusing hip-hop with sounds borrowed from indie rock and electronica. His eclectic mix has indisputably influenced an entire generation of new artists. This month marks Mr. Solo Dolo’s 34th year on planet Earth—to celebrate all of his accomplishments, we took a look back and compiled some of his biggest hits, most empathetic tracks, and best features from the past 10 years.

You can stream Kid Cudi's entire discography here.