Summer Walker Takes A More Sultry Route On Her New 'Clear' EP

The Atlanta songstress sets a new tone on her latest project.

Summer Walker has taken the old saying—"new year, new me"—quite literally with her latest release, Clear. She takes on a completely different tone from her debut album, Last Day of Summer, which she dropped last October. Summer's debut put her on everyone's list of current R&B favorites with singles like "Girls Need Love" and "CPR" leaving everyone curious to what she would release next. It was a pleasant surprise to see that it would align with a more neo-soul sound.

Her latest EP focuses on all of the facets of love from obsession to regret. These topics aren't new for the artist, however Summer's delivery is, embodying sultry sounds backed by her own live band.

The same day as her new EP release, Summer also blessed us with a live video of the singer performing her new project. The visuals are fit for any Soulquarian while the video release shows her having a jam session in a treehouse, take a look below & stream her new album here:

Take a listen to Summer Walker's new project, Clear, now.