Mr. Brainwash Speaks On Creating Rick Ross' Iconic 'Mastermind' Album Cover

The artist behind its legacy looks back on it's fifth anniversary.

Rick Ross celebrates the fifth anniversary of his iconic release, Mastermind, this week. The album featured two different covers; the deluxe edition was created by French-born, Los Angeles-based artist Mr. Brainwash. 

A staple in the street art community, Mr. Brainwash's brand has always been grounded in a combination use of well-known images, pop culture, and art history. He's best known for his creation of large-scale projects made available for public consumption in his Los Angeles home, and is a close friend of world-renowned street artist, Banksy. After working with a number of major music artists including Madonna and David Guetta, the French-born artist added Ross to the list.

"When Rick Ross and I met each other, we just really wanted to work together," Mr. Brainwash said over email. "So when this opportunity presented itself we made it happen! We’re brothers, it’s like when you meet somebody and it feels like you’re always knew him. It’s like someone that you really appreciate and love."

The cover art features Rozay holding a gun to the side of his head with what looks like splatters of his own mind exploding behind him. The piece reflects a classic Brainwash aesthetic as elements of a monotoned world collide with abtract colors. "It was what was in his head," Mr. Brainwash says. "The different colors were like the different songs coming from his mind!"

The legacy of the cover lives on within the careers of both of the artists. "It's part of history," he says. "Rick Ross is a legend, he's a mastermind and doing his cover is something that will never be forgotten." 

You can purchase the standard & limited edition 2LP of Mastermind featuring Mr. Brainwash's deluxe cover in the Urban Legends store now.