Introducing Urban Legends

Celebrates the artists & music at the heart & soul of hip-hop & R&B,

Urban Legends partners with artists—and relevant brands in the culture—to create moments that matter. Through coordinated, creative, highly-targeted, globally-focused campaigns, we'll celebrate the artists, the legacy, and the music.

We'll not only bring a luxury approach to music packaging, but create a 4D experience that allows fans to interact with their favorite artists in ways they've never dreamed possible.

As a label imprint and online platform that celebrates the artists and music at the heart and soul of hip-hop and R&B, Urban Legends remembers and reimagines what it means to be a fan.

Nobody forgets the album that changed their life—that one song that defined the moment. We celebrate our icons, our culture, our style, our legacy, our music—and why it matters.