Eric B. & Rakim Sit Down For First Joint Interview In Years

The duo is on their first tour since they broke up in 1992.

Eric B. & Rakim recently caught up with Rolling Stone for their first joint interview in years while backstage at a recent show in Long Island. They're currently on their first tour in over two decades, which wraps up this May.

In the interview, which we've highlighted an excerpt from below, they explain what got them back together:

When was the first time someone was like, "Man, we need to get back out there?
Eric B: It wasn't hard. Rakim said this thing years ago. They asked him, "Ra, why you didn't say this rhyme?" He said, "I never say a rhyme before its time." And it's like that with Eric B. and Rakim.

Rakim: Me and him didn't have a problem. We had a business problem. … The business, it went bad and that's why the group broke up. We never had a fight before. I never swung at him; he never swung at me. … It was never, never that. But it was just the business went bad and there was a point, at our career and in our life where it was a lot of things going on and I think we just felt it was best to chill for a while. And then, you know, we men, we stubborn.

Read the full interview on Rolling Stone now and check out more of their tour dates here.

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