Go Behind The Scenes Of Dreamville's 'Revenge of the Dreamers III' Recording Sessions

XXL visited the studio during the making of the most anticipated album of the year.

To kick off the year, Dreamville hosted recording sessions for their upcoming album, Revenge of the Dreamers III. The team put out cryptic invitations on Instagram for collaborators and artists abound to meet at Tree Sound Studios in Atlanta to record the project. Those 10 days had an unexpected impact on the culture; the sessions became a utopia for those new and old to hip-hop. Dreamville created a space to remind all artists involved why they fell in love with music in the first place. Egos were left at the door and collaboration thrived in those 10 days.

XXL took some time out to speak with multiple people involved with the sessions who reflected on the 10 day rap camp and detailed what's to be expected on the compilation project. 

"We knew we wanted to do a Revenge album," J. Cole said. "We've been talking about that shit for mad long. Ib [Hamad] had been putting together the songs that he had just from the camp. But my idea came from the fact that as individuals, we fuck with a lot of people. And people fuck with us. Whether it's me, Bas, J.I.D, Cozz. We're people persons. But to the outside world, especially 'cause of me and the reputation that I've gotten—to nobody's fault but my own—is a perception that I don't fuck with nobody and nobody don't fuck with me. Really that's not the case. Because I'm so secluded. It's not like that."

Dreamville's super duo EarthGang spoke about the environment within the camp. "The happiest thing about these recording sessions is we in Atlanta," they said. "It's so much love and so many vibes here." WowGr8 (member of EarthGang and ATL native) continued on to say, "To see everybody in one space—in a creative space—is a beautiful sight."

Those outside of the Dreamville camp couldn't hide their excitement. "[Interscope Records EVP] Joie [Manda] hit me, like, 'You just got invited to the J. Cole [rap camp].' I'm like, 'I need that flyer, though, because everybody got the flyer.' He's like, 'They making you a flyer right now,'"Dreezy said.

Other stars like Rick Ross, Swizz Beatz, Young M.A, and more walked the halls of the studios looking for a place where they could fit in on a track. Even NBA legend Chris Bosh came by to show off his beats. With that much talent under one roof, tons of music was made.

"We going to get in the room and play all of them," J. Cole said about the selection process. "It's a voting process. We speak honestly with each other. But 90 percent of these songs are going to see the light of day."

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