DaBaby Teams Up With Offset For a Fresh Prince Spinoff In The "Baby Sitter" Video

The North Carolina MC is the newest edition to the Interscope roster.

DaBaby and Offset give the Fresh Prince a run for his money in their new music video for "Baby Sitter." The video begins with a sitcom intro with the parody title "The Fresh Princes of Beverly Hills." The duo stir up trouble from then on as their father-figure reluctantly leaves them with a sitter for the weekend after leaving a strict set of rules:

  1. No drinking. (more specifically, hands off Dad's Henny!)
  2. No smoking.
  3. Do not sleep with the baby sitter. 

Throughout the rest of the video, the two may not break the rules given to them, but do a good job wreaking havoc, from eating sugar for every meal to dunking on dad while hitting on the sitter. 

DaBaby's sense of humor doesn't go unnoticed; his recent video for "Suge (Yea Yea)" follows a similarly humorous trend with directorial direction from Reel Goats.

The North Carolina rapper signed to Interscope Records at the top of the year and hasn't slowed down since, dropping a project and two music videos since then. "We were blessed enough to get a real good deal done," DaBaby said in an interview with Billboard. "They're giving me way more creative control than artists get from other record labels. They really just want me to do me and change nothing. That's the perfect fit for us!"

Expect to see more creative projects and comic relief in the future but until then watch DaBaby's video for "Baby Sitter" above and listen to his debut studio album Baby On Baby on all streaming platforms now.