Ari Lennox Secures Her Place On The Dreamville Roster With Her Debut Album, 'Shea Butter Baby'

It's her first studio album.

Dreamville songtress Ari Lennox has finally dropped her debut album Shea Butter Baby, giving us the perfect soundtrack for the season of love.

The D.C. native has been prepping for the release for quite some time now. She's been featured on your favorite Dreamville rappers' tracks for a while. "When I first got signed, I was even afraid to be dressy because I was always surrounded by guys, and then I realized yo, how many times am I going to dumb down what I'm feeling inside just because—I don't know—just stupid shit that media makes you feel," she said in an interview with ESSENCE. "Now, I'm just trying to show the sass. If I could twerk I would twerk this ass," and on Shea Butter Baby she's doing exactly that.

She croons over "Up Late", as she calls over a late-night lover in her "Targét lingerie" and touches on things like buying a new apartment while having the right to "walk around this bitch naked." Ari Lennox is anything but, what she calls, a "ballad hoe," which is why you fall in love with her that much more.

Shea Butter Baby is on all streaming platforms now.