Master P

Percy Robert Miller a.k.a. Master P is a living legend from New Orleans whose talents have transcended boundaries for the entirety of his long career. A rapper, producer, entrepreneur and more, Master P’s professional story began in the 1990s when he opened a store called No Limit Records that would eventuate into his record label and storied hip-hop enterprise of the same name. Throughout the '90s, Master P released a number of albums as a solo artist and also as part of the group TRU (along with his brothers Silkk the Shocker and C-Murder) with highlights including albums like Ice Cream Man, Ghetto D, and MP Da Last Don, and singles including “Make Em Say Uhh!” and “Step To Dis.”

P continued releasing albums well into the 2000s and was also part of 504 Boyz and Money Mafia. All the while, Master P spearheaded the release of countless albums from a slew of artists on No Limit, including Mystikal, Snoop Dogg, and many others, and garnered enough success doing so that he was able to negotiate a distribution deal with Universal. Over the past 20+ years No Limit has seen ups and downs, including multiple reiterations (currently the label is known as No Limit Forever) but what hasn’t wavered is Master P’s earned legacy as one of hip-hop’s pioneer business moguls, an emblem of self-made success, and a beloved father figure in hip-hop culture.