Set The Roof: A Rae Sremmurd New Year's Eve

Please enjoy responsibly.

When Rae Sremmurd emerged seemingly out of the ether with “No Flex Zone” in the summer of 2014, some critics were quick to write them off as little more than the lucky beneficiaries of Mike Will Made-It's hot streak. In some ways, it's easy to see why: "No Flex Zone" is the Platonic ideal of a rap radio banger—bouncy, and full of slow-paced and catchy chants; the brothers bear a resemblance to '90s stars-turned-punchlines, Kriss Kross; and a Mike Will Made-It's hot streak so molten that he even made Miley Cyrus sound at home on a rap track.

The brother duo's debut studio album silenced many of those critics. Sremmlife, a deft blend of raucous turn up jams that creep up on you (“No Type”) and songs that hit you like a Red Bull IV drip (“Up Like Trump,” “Throw Some ‘Mo”), is 45-minutes of innocent hedonism. Sremmlife 2 expanded the template, and breakout single “Black Beatles” solidified Rae Sremmurd’s place as rap’s quintessential party rockers.

With New Year’s Eve being one of the biggest party nights of the year, we’ve compiled a handy little playlist composed of Rae Sremmurd’s essential party tunes (and key guest verses) to get you in the perfect mood to say goodbye to 2017 and hello to 2018. Please enjoy responsibly.

You can stream Rae Sremmurd's entire discography here.