The Game: Urban Legend (Playlist)

A celebration of the Compton MC on his birthday.

The Game has become one of the most controversial artists of our generation, but his talents on the mic have cemented him as a hip-hop legend. He exploded on the rap scene under the wing of G Unit’s 50 Cent and Aftermath's Dr. Dre in 2005. His debut album, The Documentary, became an instant classic, both critically and commercially. In years since, the Compton-born rapper has been relentless in taking aim at his enemies and the Billboard charts.

Whether he’s airing out his grievances about his mentors like Dre, dissing his former G Unit buddies, or waxing nostalgic about his gangbanging days, The Game is the total package. This playlist is a mix of The Game's many sides, ranging from his sunbathed odes to old gangsta rap and his lyrical spars with Kendrick Lamar and Kanye West to his most personal songs ever.

You can stream The Game's entire discography here.