Saucin' with the Birds: An ItsTheReal Thanksgiving Playlist

Celebrate the holiday with this perfect playlist of UL hits.

Dunk your face in cranberry sauce, stuff your butt with turkey, it’s Thanksgiving in America! Now, of course every holiday has its ups and downs-St. Patrick’s Day is fun; Arbor Day crowds, unruly and offensive-but the goal of Thanksgiving is perfect: to sit down, alongside family and strangers, and remind ourselves of what we’re thankful.

Of course, it doesn’t work out that way all the time, but what a fantastic idea. Also, the food is the best, no argument!

So, pump out the jams and hide the valuables, family’s coming to town and we’re here to party. Whether you’re baking pies at 6 a.m., drunk by noon or even if you spent all day at the airport, the best way to celebrate is with this perfect playlist. (Unless you’re Uncle Jerry. Uncle Jerry can join the celebration as soon as he hushes his political views and/or turns up to 2 Chainz.)