GZA & Urban Legends Release 'Liquid Swords' Box Set With Actual Swords

500 of the sets will be autographed and come complete with two "practice swords."

GZA's Liquid Swords album is one of the most influential—and important—hip-hop releases of all time. Urban Legends partnered up with the legendary MC to pay tribute to the groundbreaking album with the release of four standout singles in a deluxe package. The Singles Collection includes  "I Got Ya Back," "Cold World," (which includes the D'angelo remix as a B-side) "Liquid Swords," and the "double A-Side" classic "Shadowboxin'"/"4th Chamber" all on 7" vinyl.

The set is complete with prints made by L.A.-based artist Andrew Hem, who took inspiration from each track for his visual interpretations. In addition, 500 of the sets will be autographed by GZA and come complete with two "practice swords."

Writer David Ma's interview with GZA for Wax Poetics on his creative process behind the four Liquid Swords singles is included in the album booklet.

That deluxe edition is only available online via Urban Legends, which you can grab here. Peep the entire collection in the video below:

You can stream GZA's entire discography here.